Journey to Foundation: Exotic Tree Concept
Journey to Foundation: Exotic Tree Concept

Envisioning a tree that stands as a testament to the Empire’s unrivaled wealth and advanced technology.

Drawing inspiration from the unique Ruffled Fan Palm, our aim was to craft a tree with a grand silhouette and expansive canopy. The ruffled palm's distinct leaves present an opportunity for minimal overdraw, with just the serrated edges that can be rendered using an alpha texture.

The tree's trunk design finds its muse in the majestic Ceiba trees, characterized by their slender, angularly spread roots. The seamless transition from the trunk to the branches and leaves is influenced by the striking design of the Traveller's Palm.

Art Director: Daniel Gerilts
Principal Concept Artist: Sam Leong
Special Acknowledgments: Immense gratitude to Daniel Gerilts, Sam Leong, and our dedicated team. Their expertise, guidance, and relentless support have been instrumental in the evolution and finesse of this concept.

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