Journey to Foundation: Empire Hologram Capsule Concept
Journey to Foundation: Empire Hologram Capsule Concept

Venturing deeper into the Empire faction's domain, I embarked on a journey to design the Hologram Capsule. Envisioned to assist players, this capsule offers deeper insights into their surroundings as they navigate and discover the expansive world laid out before them.

Rooted in the Empire faction's unique shape language, the design encapsulates its rich essence and elegance. Originally, our inspiration stemmed from the "gomboc," a mathematical shape renowned for its intrinsic ability to return to its initial stable equilibrium. However, as the design journey progressed, we refined our concept, merging interactivity with immersion, ensuring an engaging experience for players in a VR environment.

Art Director: Fran Gaulin
Principal Concept Artist: Sam Leong
Special Acknowledgments: my deepest appreciation goes to Fran Gaulin, Sam Leong, and the entire team. Their invaluable guidance and unwavering support played a crucial role in the conceptualization and enhancement of this design.

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