Journey to Foundation: Intro Skybox
Journey to Foundation: Intro Skybox

I was tasked with creating an intro Skybox for Journey to Foundation. Utilizing Blender and Photoshop, I was able to craft this space scene, which was later used as a concept to produce the intro cinematic of the game. This project was a significant learning experience, marking my first attempt at such an undertaking, and its success was made possible by the invaluable guidance from the members of the team.

Principal Art Director: Daniel Gerilts
Project Lead: Arnaldo Rodriguez
Principal Concept Artist: Sam Leong
Special Acknowledgments: Immense gratitude to Daniel Gerilts, Arnaldo Rodriguez, Sam Leong, Yuriy Zadorozhny, and our dedicated art team. Their expertise, guidance, and relentless support have been instrumental in the evolution and finesse of this concept.

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