Journey to Foundation: Lighting
Journey to Foundation: Lighting

Brought in to support the lighting team, I had the privilege to work alongside the gifted Arnaldo Rodriguez and Duygu Tokmakkaya. Tasked with illuminating various game areas and levels, I dived into the intricacies of lighting within the Unreal Engine. Under the vigilant mentorship of Arnaldo Rodriguez and with the support of our distinguished team, I ventured into this realm with assurance, learning and contributing to the project's success.

Lighting Artist: Arnaldo Rodriguez
Principal Concept Artist: Sam Leong
Special Acknowledgments: I extend my profound gratitude to Arnaldo Rodriguez, Duygu Tokmakkaya, Sam Leong, Yuriy Zadorozhny, and our phenomenal art collective. Their unparalleled artistry, perceptive advice, and unwavering support were the cornerstones in perfecting this lighting endeavor.