MINNING ARM TOOL - PROP DESIGN [GrandSpaceOperaChallenge]
MINNING ARM TOOL - PROP DESIGN [GrandSpaceOperaChallenge]

For one of my props, I'm choosing to go with a mining arm tool that the KUVALKZHUK would be able to use.

It has multiple functions with swappable heads that can be used for a variety of mining and excavation needs, such as drilling, digging, hammering, cutting and so on. my inspiration for the arm besides construction machines, was the Wacom flex arm. I liked the idea of the arm being able to stay in position when not in use, plus it would be easy to manipulate with Battery packs and AI assistants.

I Implemented shock absorbent pads around the neck to help reduce shacking around the head. along with a helmet/mask that protects the user from incoming debris and light.

Due to the broad shoulders that the KUVALKZHUK have, I designed the straps to rotate open so they can strap in easier and faster.

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